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I loved it so much that of course I immediately played most of the others. You are given a certain amount of HP daily. When you talk to a guy, you use HP. To replenish your HP, you go to sleep and start another day. You get 30 days before you get to the endgame. And most of the others have some aspect of stats building like charm, talent, wit, stuff like that. And then you can earn money to buy gifts to give to your man.

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Aug 13, 6 min read. By Schlaegel Watch. Feel free to add any additional information in the comments section and I will add it in.

The Heavenly Playgirl Dating Sim! x) It matched with pacthesis, the best original dating sim maker! By the way, here are some cheats.

Your goal is to raise your relationship with a character, make them fall in love with you to reach their ‘Happy Ending’. You can raise your relationship with them by Talking to them, giving them gifts and going out on dates. You’ll need money to buy gifts. Also, they use different currencies in each planet. So you’ll have to work for it.

Also, working requires energy. Gifts are a great way to increase Relationship with your desired partner, but you can’t give gifts right away. You’ll need to talk to them and have successful dialouges with them. You’ll know your answer is right when a heart pops up on the screen : Once you have a successful dialogues, there will be a notification that you can now give gifts to your desired partner. Dating is another way to increase your Ralationship with a character.

You can go on dates with them after seeing a secial cut scene with them where they’ll ask you out to go somewhere privately ;.

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Number Days is about a group of people finding themselves locked inside a theme park with only numbers in their phones indicating how long they are trapped in there. Here are the locations, for those who have trouble finding them! Stickers: 1. Anti-Touch : Sit at both front and back seats at the theater. Gifts: a.

A cheat is witchling i think, you can just type in Moonlight Dating Sim Cheats in Bing to find out. share with Memory Days Sim Date Guide – Pacthesis Games.

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Choose pursuing a Good End, Bad End, or both!! Hey guys!

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Being best friends first is pretty cute. After the Time Hole closes, go to the location of the character you would like to end the game with. Hints To The Puzzles There are two puzzles in this game.

A site where a girl talks about her Number Days Sim Date. Cheats. Lunar Days Sim Date is a dating simulation game made by Pacthesis. The release date is (If.

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Dont enter the cheat code in capital letters because it doesnt work. Good luck playing the game Also just saying they do work most on other games dont. Imamarysue Max Statsilovetherichjerk Max EXP for ElliotElliot roses pens newspapersYou must enter the cheat codes in the wishing well at the town square in order to get your wish to come true.

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You put the cheat codes in at the phone booth which is at the bottom left of the map where you find Ace’s wallet and go to the masion and give it to him. The gifts for Zane are the plushie cause he likes cute things and the popcorn apparently he gets it a lot when he goes to the movies. For Devin you just have to wonder around or what ever till day 15 and he unlocks himself, he lives in the same apartment as you.

If you go to the door with the stick man on it that was locked earlier it’ll be unlocked and choose to go in, he’s in there.

Rainbow Days Sim Date by Pacthesis on DeviantArt Xolga and Mr Toko Again by Pacthesis. on DeviantArt Pacthesis DeviantArt Pacthesis dating sims cheats.

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Alright so, i felt like i want to play dress up games again i found this somewhere on the site. The Heavenly Playgirl Dating Sim!! I love those games, really..

Pacthesis, a DeviantArt user in the early s, created numerous dating Days Sim Date Cheat Codes | Pacthesis Wiki | Fandom; Anime Dating Games for.

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Popstar Dating SIM is an online dating game. The objective of the game is to help the main character Mina to find either love or fame in 60 days. One of the big differences between this game and other dating Sims is the absence of any adult-oriented content i. No popstar in his right mind will date someone that young.

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Pick hide. Pick fight. First, this has taken me all day to do. Second, someone else has put together a thoughtful guide as well! So go check that out if those interest you. Anyway, head on over to Memory Days Sim Date by Pacthesis , and hopefully this guide will be helpful! Keep reading. My advice for all these games? Yes, they exist. But they ruin the story. The only good ones are the ones for extra cash.

Characters to Date : Arlo get both endings, the second one with him is the best! An interesting premise, plus the first female datable character.

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